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Digital Currency Mining coin

Mining system by Digital Currency Corporation

DCM(Digital Currency Mining) Coin

Digital Currency Mining coin

Encrypted currency that will evolve with clear value and advanced technology

DCM is a coin that automatically rises in value just by owning it through the profits of the digital mining business Digital Currency Inc. As a coin that can issue new tokens in a block chain based on Ethereum, it can be traded in common programs. There is a total of 10 billion issued copies.
The transfer fees are donated to the Young Barrie Foundation and children’s funds at 0.15%.

Leasing sales of mining machines

Digital Currency Mining coin
Mining machines just as stable as solar power plants

For people that wish to do mining but do not have the knowledge or cannot afford to rent a dedicated room, a large-scale mining plant with land, warehouses, and a ventilation system has been built in Japan. We are selling leases for the mining machine installed in the factory.
A mining machine (DCM) that can achieve the performance of large-scale Photovoltaic systems
The photovoltaic systems are based on the following specifications.
1: Uses panels with variable efficiency of 15%
2: System output of 36KW
3: Land: 480 square meters
4: System price: 1,300,000,000 KRW + land payments + inspection costs

Unique mining systems and technology

Digital Currency Mining coin
Mining machine automatically managed by AI

Previous mining was in the form of the appropriate mining materials being managed manually. However, DCM has succeeded in automatic movement management and maintaining high performance. The flow is very simple. It is not limited to just bitcoins butmines the currently most profitable coins amongst a variety of alternative coins such as bitcoin cash, Ethereum, light coin, monero, monacoin, and electroneum, and is completely controlled automatically by AI. Finally, coins earned this way are converted (swapped) for bitcoin and saved. It is then automatically converted and sent into your wallet each month.

Result of test runs since 2017

Digital Currency Mining coin
Endless efforts to increase importation efficiency

50% of revenues are spent on maintenance expenses (electricity charges, maintenance costs). The lease period is 3 years.
DCM has introduced AI mining.
AI Mining combines AI into the mining process, and it manages it putting consideration into market prices for each coin, market transactional information and cost-efficiency. Through linkage with AI, the importing efficiency of the mining farm becomes much more efficient.
In reality, importing efficiency is around 16% when AI is not used, and the importing efficiency becomes around 30% when using AI. Even in this moment we are continuously improving the importing efficiency.

Large-scale mining farms of DCM

Digital Currency Mining coin
Amazing excavation power of 800 league, high-end GPU of 6,400

DCM is scheduled to launch two mining farms in July of 2018, and a total of 10 mining farms are to be operational by the end of December 2019. One mining plant costs 1 billion yen for 6,400 GPU units and real state, and the monthly revenue is over 30 million yen. Each plant operates 800 league (1 league=8GPU, 800 leagues=6,400 GPU) mining machines.

How AI(artificial intelligence) creates block chains and mutual value.

Digital Currency Mining coin

The Block chain is a very innovative technology, but it is not perfect. A few problems exist. There are technical issues and problems from the long culture of the financial services industry, but AI can solve these problems.

  Electricity bills from mining and AI

The more you mine, the higher then electricity bill becomes. In other words, there will be costs before you can profit from mining. With the introduction of AI, however, it has been proven that energy usage can be optimized and can be operated very efficiently.
Furthermore, regarding the mining operations of block chains, there is interest forming in the fact that it may be possible to achieve these results using the same technique. If technology that optimizes energy use through AI is applied to mining as well, hardware costs can be saved.

  Security issues of block chains and AI

Although it is not realistically possible to hack the block chain, applications and wallets may not be secure.
(Problems such as DAO, Bitfinex) As machine learning progresses, AI (artificial intelligence) can help you understand the system structure and use the application safely.

This will be a great help in the development of the block chain.
Just as machine learning can categorize spam mail, security issues will also be steadily solved by the power of AI.

  Privacy concerns in the block chain

News can often be seen of businesses leaking personal information and many people claiming compensation. As such, the protection of personal information is a crucial issue for businesses. There have also been moves to solve such problems with block chains. Enigma, a distributed cloud computing technology developed by MIT Media Lab or Zcash, which is invested in by JP Morgan are block chains that are gathering anticipation to solve privacy issues. However, the two block chains have challenges in scope and security. In whatever way in which AI changes this issue, they will have to grow greatly.

  Scope issues in block chains

Many will be aware of the scope issues of block chains from the hard fork problem. Block chains reliably write transaction records of 1MB every ten minutes on the decentralized ledger. As a result, the chain grows and limits the capacity of the data.
For example, hard forks such as the bitcoin SegWit (increases the amount of information within the transaction record with a block size of 1MB) or bitcoin cash (grows the capacity itself from 1MB to 8 MB) have been implemented. Satoshi Nakamoto himself has mentioned blockchain pruning regarding the scope of block chains.
Blockchain pruning is deleting and not saving old transactional blocks. It can be an effective solution, but AI offers a new one, which is federation learning. Simply put, federation learning is used to prevent crashing when many users use the service.
The application of machine learning technology is progressing in this federation learning and is attracting attention as a technology to solve the range problem of block chains in the future.


Digital Currency Mining coin
Digital Currency Co., Ltd., which deals with the digital currency mining coin (DCM) is launching a business to deal with various use-cases such as blockchain technology development, support, and virtual currency.


Digital Currency Mining coin
As a special opportunity and special choice, DCM will satisfy you.

E-MAIL _ songhw31@gmail.com
TEL _ +971 56 950 3297
NAME _ Hanwook Song

White Paper

Digital Currency Mining coin
Technology of Digital Currency Corporation

Declaration of value of DCM

Digital Currency Mining coin
Promise of Digital Currency Corporation

Board Members

Digital Currency Mining coin
We will be the leader of society-leading company DCM.

Satoru Matsuda

Digital Currency Co., Ltd. / CEO

1996 ~ 1998 First Section Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Kachitas ex-stock company Yasuki
1998-2004 Director General of the Board of Directors Kitakanto Blockcho
2004 ~ 2009 American corporation Ocean trade CO.LTD CO.
2009 ~ CEO of Digital Currancy Corporation


Board member

Japanese musician. Dealing with composition, words, arrangement other than the produce of various artists including Ketumeishi、FUNKY MONKEY BABYS、Katou Miriya、Elephant Kashimashi and The Gospellers.

Hiroyuki Shinoki

Board member

1971 .  01 ITOCHU CORPORATION Incorporated Electronic Devices Division
2004 . 06 (Former)President, Sky Perfect Communications Co., Ltd.

(Former)President of Space Shower Network Co., Ltd.
(Former)ITOCHU CORPORATION assumed the position of executive officer

Yoshitomi Murata


ASTEC Co., Ltd. & System Engineering / CEO

Takehiro Kimura


Representative director KBMJi Co., Ltd.
Representative controlled by Crypt Minerals Co., Ltd.

Road Map

Digital Currency Mining coin

DCM will provide mileage points for every DCM mining through business alliance with airlines, and will also be associated with hotels and other lodging properties to provide DCM's free stay benefits. With DCM transaction volume increasing, Will provide convenience for DCM owners to enable free full banking.



Activation of first mining farm centers



Exchange BCC for DCM (Japan, Korea)



Listed in Swiss AIRISU AG Exchange



The second mining farm center to be established in Japan (with 6400 GPUs)



Strategic alliance of Korea, China, Japan's largest coin company and partnership plans to add coin capabilities to Visa prepaid cards.



The third mining farm center to be established in Japan (with 6400 GPUs)



Preparing to be listed in six locations including Korea, Hong Kong and China.


End of May 2019

6th mining farm center to be established.


End of December 2019

10th mining farm center to be established.